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Masjid At-Taqwa
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Located on the second floor. 5 minutes walking distance from Okpo-dong wet market and located on the second floor of the building, the first/ground floor is a bicycle shop. On the opposite side of the famous Korean restaurant by the name of Aquichia. The mosque is formed to cater for muslims community in Okpo. It was registered under the KMF (Korean Muslim Federation) and commenced its opening on the 15 Syaaban 1434. The mosque can accommodate around 100 people in a time. There are three (3) rooms namely main prayer room (40 to 50 people), lady prayer room (20 to 30 people) and Imam/Admin room. The entrance hall can also be used as a prayer area which could accommodate another 20 people. The mosque is fully carpeted and equipped with 1 toilet, ablution (4 faucets), microphone and portable/wireless speaker, mimbar, air-condition/heater, wall mounted fans, water dispenser, praying mat, holy quran and few others.
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