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Masjid Al Tawheed
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(Please use 344 Everette Way, Talent, Oregon as a guide address to get to this newly built Masjid.) Masjid Al Tawheed is a Nondenominational Masjid, with members from Northern California, Central, and Southern Oregon. We have Sunni and Shia members and members from USA, Middle east, Far East, Asia, Africa, and Fiji to name a few. We are a growing Muslim community of families who are Immigrants, Converts to Islam, and students from the local University. Ours is the only Masjid within over 150 mile radius. In the past couple of years, we have had several families and individuals convert to Islam. There is great potential for Islam to grow in our community. Our goal is to have a permanent Masjid and a permanent Imam free of debt. Friday Jumma at 1:30pm.
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