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Medina in Buinsk
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R. Luxemburg str, 47A, Buinsk, Republic. Of Tatarstan, Russian Federation, 422430
Buinskoe average Muslim madrassas
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In Buinsk madrasah before the revolution, he studied many famous Tatar religious and public figures such as the historian of Hadi Atlasi, doctor of philological Sciences, Professor of the Leningrad University of Abdrahman Takhirovich of Tagirbekov and others. But now it gives only secondary vocational education. Successful graduates of madrassas may wish to continue studying in the faculty of Shariah Russian Islamic University immediately with the 3rd course. Get the madrasah students and additional specialty, for example, study on driving courses and get your driving license category a, b, C". And those who came to study in madrassas after 9th grade, the graduate will receive a certificate of secondary education grade 11. During the three years of training in Buinsk madrasah you can learn a profession Imam - hatyb and a teacher of basics of Islam and the Arabic language.
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