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Charitable Foundation "barakah"
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blagotvoritelniy the Fund was established to assist needy, poor, large families, disabled children, lonely elderly people, etc. Types of assistance provided by the Fund to date :1. Material assistance (clothes, shoes, strollers, Cribs, medicines, stationery, etc)2. Help products. Build for you a food parcel! 3. Legal - legal advice. Among the volunteers are lawyers, lawyers and employees Pension Fund! 4. Among the volunteers appeared the therapist - the cardiologist. The physician provides consultation for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of the heart and internal organs. Admission is a Muslim woman working at the moment in the city hospital. Has many years of experience.5.Established relation with government institution providing assistance to the elderly (Restore lost documents, hot meals, accommodation, further registration in state nursing homes). - If you encounter a difficult situation, call us! InshaAllah, will try to help!- If you know extremely needy family, contact us! We visit them and try to find a way out of a difficult situation! - Our Fund is just beginning its work. InshaAllah, the list of aid will only grow !
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