CRO "Spiritual administration of Muslims of the Ivanovo region Ivanovo Muhtasib"
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For fifteen years our organization seeks to unite the Tatars living in the region, to preserve the ancient traditions of our people, for the education of the younger generation in the spirit of the ideals of peace, goodness and mercy - ideals, which brings us to Islam.The original purpose of NCAT was the construction of the mosque as a center of Islamic spirituality in the Ivanovo region. Today we can proudly say that Ivanovo mosque became the center, which is largely due to its existence our region is the region of stability in the Plurinational state, we have no place of ethnic hatred.We believe that the main purpose of NCAT and MROI, is a combination of the ideas of the religious education of youth and the national education of the younger generation with the ideas of civil unity of the Russians.
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prospekt Stroiteley, 19, Ivanovo, Ivanovskaya oblast, Rossiya, 153038
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