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madrassas "Muminat"
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The first Chechen female madrassas "Muminat" opened in the foothills Shali district of Chechnya. It is a spiritual institution has been operating for thirteen years, but until recently did not have its own building.

"In the village of Chiri-Yurt in the weekend opening of the first in our country womens madrassa" Muminat "in Arabic - a believer. This is one of the oldest madrasa where the foundations of religion could study, girls and women, and it has been functioning 13 years. Thanks to Aymani Kadyrova, president of the regional public fund named after Akhmad-Hajji Kadyrov, madrasas now got its own building with all the facilities for training ", - told the" Caucasian Knot "representative of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Chechnya.
Until recently, he said, madrasa student engaged in a variety of adapted premises, despite the difficult conditions, over the years the foundations of religion have studied more than 300 girls. "
Open in the village of Chiri-Yurt madrasa is a one-storey building. In rooms with computers, have all the necessary literature and place for namaz.
Directs female madrassas Madina Yusupova having spiritual education. At the time, she also graduated from madrassas and speak Arabic.
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Unnamed Road, Chiri-Yurt, Chechenskaya Respublika, Rossiya, 366303
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