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Kazan top Muslim madrassas behalf of the 1000th anniversary of the adoption of Islam
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Training takes place on the day, evening and correspondence courses. After 5 years full-time, graduate receives not only the diploma of higher religious education, but the evidence on a speciality "the Beekeeper". In madrasah education takes place only in the Tatar language. Guys ( in full-time study only men, women - part-time ) totally free live, eat and get an education at the expense of the institution. On the 4th course students after completing courses on driving get a drivers license. According to the rector of higher madrasa of Hazrat Ilyas Ziganshina, the school has entered into a contract with the Institute of Economics, Management and Law, according to which the College students of the INSTITUTE who have chosen a parallel study in madrassas, free accommodation in the hostel at the mosque, as well as three meals a day. Applicants who have completed 9th grade and 11th grade, enough to pass the test and to write the dictation in order for their results to be enrolled in madrassas, by the way with the appropriate level of religious education may be enrolled directly into the 2nd or 3rd course. The students who completed the evening or correspondence courses, diploma of secondary religious education. Cares madrasah and on the future employment of its students. The rector of the madrasah makes every effort to ensure that their graduates returning to work in the village, a housing, a normal salary and even finds sponsors.
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Рушан Шарафутдинов
The review was written: 07 October 2016
Очень сильное медресе. Всем советую.
The review was written: 12 January 2017
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ulitsa Mazita Gafuri, 67, Kazan, Respublika Tatarstan, Rossiya, 420108
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