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Consumer society "savings Fund IDEL "
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Savings Fund "IDEL" offers a service - "Savings Program IDEL-HAJJ", which will not only postpone and save money, but also to increase the accumulated funds. The program accumulation of your funds involved at the same time 3 hand: You regularly making contributions to your "savings account"; Savings Fund, which invests your money and accrues additional investment income; as well as the charitable organization Foundation "VAKF IDEL", which attracts patrons, whose donations also credited in your favor. The program started in 2012. During this time, dozens of Muslims were able to accumulate sufficient funds and make HADJ and UMRA. The average yield on the basis of the customer portfolio for 2014. amounted to 10.1% per annum.
Savings Fund IDEL »operates on the principles of Sharia, and strictly comply with them. Confirmed by a certified expert AAOIFI (in Islamic banking and finance).
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prospekt Pobedy, 182B, Kazan, Respublika Tatarstan, Rossiya, 420025
09:00:00 - 17:00:00
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