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Nurani Cultural Centre & Mosque
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The Region of Orpington in Kent area has a fast growing, multi-cultural, Muslim community. To serve the Muslim Society of the Kent area, Nurani Cultural Centre and Mosque is one of the place which is attended and managed by Muslims from all backgrounds. Nurani Cultural Centre and Mosque successfully established in 2001. Since its establishment, it is the place of thousands local devoted muslim worshipers of the local sorrounding areas for the last 7 years.Our Muslim brothers and sisters can attend the Jummah Prayer and namaz of the Eid Jamaat. By the mercy of Allah, Nurani Cultural Centre took the the initiative to purchase of a church with 64 decimel land area in the year 2007 at a cost of 571,000 pounds help to turn it into a world class mosque and islamic research centre in future gradually.Though the mosque has a book debt of 500,000 pounds, still its development work is going in a full swing help to turn it a world class centre of islamic education and truely worshipers place of choice here in the beautiful location of Kent.
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