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Zazas Grill
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Zazas would like to bring to you the authentic tastes of Punjabi Cuisine from Pakistan. We have been in the food industry for the past 15 years in Gujranwala, Pakistan and would now like to bring to East London the famous curries and grills of Gujranwala, Pakistan. We have catered for large parties and weddings at Rida Banquet halls on the famous GT Road in Gujranwala Pakistan and would now like you to experience our mouth watering flavours and generous hospitality. Our chefs have international experience and are experts in producing tantalising dishes that will make your taste buds go wild. Our menu caters for all your needs as we have a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and all our dishes are freshly prepared using the finest spices and guaranteed Halal meat. We have an exotic juice bar where we provide a variety of refreshing freshly prepared juices and lassis for you to enjoy.
From 06 February To 10 February
In the framework of the largest in Russia and Eastern Europe 24-th international food exhibition "PRODEXPO 2017" for the first time will be organized a collective exposition of the largest producers of Halal industry leaders – Halal Eurasia at Prodexpo.The project also organized the "international Forum "Halal", which experts and experienced manufacturers and exporters of products "Halal" discuss trends in the Russian and foreign markets, the potential and procedures of the organization export to countries of the Islamic world, as well as the procedures and requirements necessary to start the production of products "Halal". There is a competition "the Best Halal product", exhibition "Prodexpo-2017".
The competition "Learn useful, speak better, do good!"
From 01 January To 20 March
The competition "Learn useful say best, do good" is organized to support Muslim families in Russia, development of their creative potential and raising children in the spirit of Islamic values. If your family paint and master, fond of needlework and embroidery
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