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It all started with the fact that in 2012, a group of young and promising people from Dagestan decided to acquaint residents of the capital with the cuisine of our people, and our countrymen be given the opportunity to enjoy the native cuisine from the comfort of home. It was decided organizatiilor delivery in the capital, and the name chosen and familiar from early childhood familiar to every Dagestani: ""Service delivery ru delivers the dish of the Dagestani cuisine in all corners of Moscow. Temerity to try khinkal hot, rich broth, tender miracle Kurz or manta rays it is not necessary to stand at the stove! We will deliver to You as freshly prepared "from scratch" and freeze, that at any time You could please the family and guests of the Dagestani national dishes.Guide pays great attention to product quality from which to prepare our meals. Since the feature of the Dagestani cuisine is the prevalence of lamb and beef and fresh dough, the meat we pay special attention. I want to assure You that all meat used is Halal, and the famous sausage delivered us Avar mountains.Our chefs came to conquer the stomachs of residents and guests having a great experience of cooking referred to them even grandmothers and great-grandmothers (God give them long life). We will try to fulfill all your wishes when ordering. You can ask the operator of service delivery ru connect You with the senior chef and ask him to take into account all Your wishes in the preparation of the order.The main objective of our chefs to make a person familiar with the Dagestan kitchen, did not notice the difference between food prepared at "" and cooked at home, and Muscovites, trying for the first time national Dagestani dishes would open for themselves something new on the culinary map of the world.For many centuries in the lands of Dagestan many ethnic communities, each of which brings its own unique and distinctive culture which absorbed Dagestan kitchen. Unlike Avar khinkal - dargwa, Lak - Kumyk, Kurz greens - miracle greens, aligi Lezgi - from dargwa chudu with this we would like You to meet.
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The review was written: 02 November 2015
Такие вкусные хингалш и чепалгш я никогда не ела. Это просто объеденье. Золотые руки у того, кто это готовил
The review was written: 02 November 2015
Шикарная кухня! Не первый раз заказываю, и я, и мой муж, и мои гости все от пуза сытые и довольные! Спасибо вам! Вы самые лучшие помощники неуспевающей хозяйке))))))
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