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Childrens Studio ""the Little riddle"
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Invites all children aged 4-7 years and their parents to our classes! Together with children we will unravel the mysteries of the world, evolving, learning and communicating! What awaits our young researchers we have in the classroom: -the formation of the initial religious ideas (the Foundations of Islam, Akhlak, History of Prophets, Arabic language, Koran) -the Development of cognitive processes (perception, attention, memory, thinking) -Emotional and socio-personal development of the Formation of mathematical concepts -the Development of fine motor skills and preparing hands to the letter -speech Development and learning to read -Expanding horizons -Gaming activities - Development of creative abilities -Physical razvijanje are held on Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays.Class duration 3 hours
The review was written: 17 August 2016
АльхамдуЛлилях. что появились такие организации.
The review was written: 16 January 2017
АльхамдуЛлилях. что появились такие организации.
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Basovskaya ulitsa, 1, Moscow, Russia, 109202
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