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Menu of Bodrum restaurant is able to satisfy the tastes of visitors. You can order the usual European dishes or to give preference to traditional Turkish dishes. The chef of the restaurant will embody in their masterpieces of your most bold gastronomic wishes. The abundance varied menu of hot dishes, soups, appetizers, salads and desserts that will put you in front of a difficult choice, because I want to try literally everything!Do not deny yourself the pleasure to go on a tasty journey through Turkey. Because Turkish national cuisine is original and rich, and the variety of dishes is not inferior to even the recognized leaders of the French and Chinese cuisine. Eastern recipes evolved over the centuries and preserve their identity until today.In Muslim Turkey for the preparation of meat dishes using veal and lamb. And the meat for a long time languishing on a low fire with aromatic spices and herbs that gives it a unique taste. You will taste the juicy kebab or a traditional dish of stewed meat and rice — kavurma, crispy meat patties spice, with toppings to suit every taste.Seafood lovers will be satisfied with the variety of dishes made of mussels, shrimp, fish: anchovy, sea bass or fly fish.Traditional Turkish cuisine is not cheated their attention and vegetarians. Here are a variety of vegetables from onions, tomatoes, garlic, eggplant, pepper.It is impossible to imagine Oriental cuisine without dolma. The chef will prepare a variety of its variations: stuffed with mackerel with rice and pistachios or nuts and dried fruits.A special pride of the restaurant freshly baked bread. This traditional Oriental flat cakes, and wheat bread ekmek, and buns with sesame seeds.Fans of Islam must pay attention to the special Halal menu the dishes of which are prepared by the scholars of the traditions.
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