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"HIZMET TOUR" is one of the leading tour operators for Muslims in Russia. Since 2006 we have been successfully engaged in the organization of Hajj, Umrah, holiday for Muslims and sale of air and railway tickets. Thanks to Your support and the successful work of our experts, for a short time, we have achieved great heights.The method of operation of the company Hizmet Tour leaves every client who has ever used our services, the desire to go again.Entrusting your choice of the tour operator Hizmet Tour, you can safely count that are always under the constant supervision of highly qualified professionals who organize for you an unforgettable trip, thought out to the smallest detail.The most important thing for vivid and pleasant memories is correctly chosen tour operator.
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Elektrodnaya ulitsa, 2, Moskva, Rossiya, 111524
10:00:00 - 18:00:00
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