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Publishing Center "Risalya" Publishing Center "Risalya" is located in the city of Nizhnekamsk, Republic of Tatarstan. Cent was founded in 2008 with the aim of creating and disseminating information and educational materials on Islamic topics. The main activity of the publishing center "Risalya" is popularization of Islam through training and themed movies, audio and video lectures, printed and audio books. Publishing Center in addition to creating their own products is also engaged in the production and distribution of other studios. One of the important aspects of the work of our center is the activity associated with the translation of foreign literature and dubbing movies, both Russian and Tatar. We offer our consumers a wide range of educational products. Our assortment of more than 170 titles. At the same time, our distribution network covers all major cities of Russia, as presented in the neighboring countries. The main criterion for the approach to creating your own product or when products of third-party authors, is authenticity. Resulting in strict adherence to moral and ethical standards of Islam. All products that we offer to our customer, are "hard filter" content for compliance with the Quran and Sunnah. This is followed by our scientific council consisting of seven experts. Very important for us to convey Call to Islam to the largest possible number of people. Availability of our products is the important principle according to which formed the pricing policy of the publishing center "Risalya". In this part of the funds taken from income from sales goes to charity. Partnership - the most important component of our work. Our partners are almost all publishing centers and studios represented in the Russian Federation. And in particular it: The Islamic world, Manara, Ummah. We strive to bring the appeal to every home and conduct towards this through - improving the quality of the Islamic media production and expand its list. Therefore, always glad to establish new partnerships and friendly relations with other Islamic studios, centers or authors, on mutually beneficial terms.
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