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Ltd Barakat
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Ltd «Barakat» started manufacturing of confectionery products "Halal".
The latest achievement Ltd «Barakat» was to develop products of instant noodles, which serves nutritious meals. Our noodles are made from white flour valuable wheat varieties. In our manufacturing noodles contain only ingredients meet the requirements of Halal.
The product range Ltd «Barakat» is constantly expanding. Thus was launched the production of quail eggs and quail meat. Fresh beef, mutton, horse meat.
In the near future, Ltd «Barakat» launch workshop frozen convenience foods (plant already purchased and are the final preparations for the release of the product).
Also, in the nearest future, it is planned zverohozyaystvenny complex. This will be the largest meat complex in the Urals, which will satisfy the need for marble meat, beef, mutton Russians and citizens of foreign countries. We have contracts for the supply of marble meat in Dubai. Now we bought a huge land to grow clover and corn for animal feed. Corn and clover useful for growing marbled meat. They improve the quality of the meat.
To prevent counterfeit halal products from Ltd «Barakat», all products are protected holographic seals. If you see a product company Ltd «Barakat» without holographic seals, know that it is fake products.
Алина Габдуллина
The review was written: 16 January 2017
Спасибо. Отличный коллектив, всем советую!!!
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Krasnyy prospekt, 42, Novosibirsk, Novosibirskaya oblast, Rossiya, 630099
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