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La Comunidad Islamica Venezolana
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The Islamic Community is a non-profit institution created to disclose, preserve, and conserve the Islamic Faith tradition in the Republic of Venezuela. The institution was founded on 27 October 1981. Nowadays, the Venezuela Muslim community consists of about two thousand members, the majority from Lebanon, with some Palestinians, Syrians, and Moroccans in smaller groups. The Imam is provided by the Egyptian government and changes every two years under the trusteeship of Al-Azhar University ( The institution provides the following activities: Rites of Islam in Castilian and Arab languages, information on the religion and the Islamic civilization through its Department of Information, a library of Islamic texts in Castilian language, conferences, interviews to schools, universities and other institutions, material aid to scholastic orphans, children and needy people, haj preparation, media representation, university scholarships, religious acts of Marriage, declaration of faith, and death. Recently, the construction of a Muslim school has begun which will offer the complete Venezuelan official program through baccalaureate, while also providing classes in Arabic, English, and Religion. The school is expected to begin in 2007.
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