La Grande Mosquee de Paris
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The Paris Mosque was built between 1922 and 1926 in a composite Moorish style. The architects -- Robert Fournez, Maurice Mantout and Charles Heubs -- based their design on plans drawn by Maurice Tranchant de Lunel, chief of the Beaux-Arts Service in Morocco, whose work drew on local influences. The mosque was built in memory of the Muslim soldiers in the French Army who died during World War I. It was partially financed by the French state and constructed on land donated by the Parisian municipality.

Constructed with reinforced concrete, the mosque was decorated with mosaics, wood carvings and wrought iron brought from Morocco. It includes a salon de th (mint tea, pastries from North Africa, Arabic coffee), a store filled with Moroccan crafts, and a public steam bath. A major renovation was completed in 1992. Until 1993, the mosque was financed by Saudi Arabia; today it is funded by the financial contributions of its members (a majority of whom are of Moroccan origin), and is closely affiliated to the Algerian Government. It has always been closely associated with various Government initiatives.
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