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Kingston Islamic Cultural Centre
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Kingston Mosque was originally started on its present site in 1979. It has been in its present shape and form since 1985, when it was converted from an ordinary building to a proper mosque. Kingston Mosque currently accomodates more than 700 persons, a number of those come from 10 to 15 miles away, on Fridays for Jumaa prayers and on Eid, and during Ramadhan for Taraweeh. In 1995, an extension was built onto the existing hall at the back of the mosque to accommodate the ever increasing number of muslims coming to the mosque. In 1998/9, the first floor of the mosque was converted into a Ladies Prayer hall. In 1999, a Dome was placed onto the top of the mosque. In 2000, a Minaret (which houses three types of clocks - Roman, Arabic, Islamic at the top section) was built.
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