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Madrassas "Mekka"
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We invite girls and women of different ages, in our madrassas «Mekkaa». Address: Sankt-Peterburg Kronverkskiy prospekt dom 31 (from the subway «Gorkovskaya» left and tramways 100 meters from the shop «Mekkaa»). Saturday classes Tajwid and Usul al-fiqh. Wednesday - communication, for those interested in Islam. On Tuesdays and Thursdays talk about everything. Organize a club for women 30 years and older for communication and learning namaz, reading the Koran and communication between tea parties
SALAM private school
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Private school "Salam" is a private educational institution of primary and secondary education. The school is based on a state license. The school was founded in 2008, the Content of education determines the Federal state educational standard. In addition, the curriculum of the school includes courses in Arabic language and National traditions". Occupancy of classes from 7 to 15 people.Private school "Salam" is a sincere care for children, home-like atmosphere, no problems "street" and "bad company," the possibility of confidential communication with teachers, respect for the individual child.Private school "Salam" is a responsible and qualified teaching staff.Private school "Salam" is a huge opportunity for successful learning languages: English and Arabic.Schedule school five days a week, from 9 a.m. to 15.30 - learning, recreation, preparation of assignments, activities, visiting museums and exhibitions, city tours
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