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Restaurant Nowruz
Reviews: 4
While working on weekends 11:00-02:00 delivery in Kirovsk area is free for orders of 1000 roblasts You will plunge into the atmosphere of classical Uzbek living room, luxurious interior which made by honored artists of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Our restaurant is suitable for every occasion and reason. You can retire a small company on the balcony to celebrate a noisy and fun celebration in the Banquet hall, to spend an evening by candlelight with live music and dancing in the main hall of the restaurant and just enjoy the taste of our dishes and unique aura amerski ancient palaces of Central Asia at any time of the day. Alcohol and hookah are served strictly in a separate room.
The Restaurant Istanbul
Reviews: 8
Delivery to Central area

Piskarevsky Avenue, 25, St. Petersburg, Russia, 195067
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