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All meals in the dining Couch in some way connected with the Crimea. Barbecue, manta rays, pasties, antyki, soup, baklava, dolma were traditional for the Crimean cuisine. Lentil soup mercimek, fermented milk drink ayran, kebab stuck on the Peninsula, finding unique local features. "Sofa" recovers forgotten recipes come alive through which mysterious symbols of past eras.The café presents and meals, for example, a sofa kebab, which includes different kinds of kebabs, and dessert "Karadag" - an unusual combination of marshmallows, nuts, chocolate and cream.All dishes prepared with local products: herbs for tea collected in the mountains and valleys of the Crimea, meat and vegetables come from our own farms.In "the Couch," no alcohol. In a cafe Smoking is not accepted.Steady rest with comportamentale cafe lives up to its name - visitors can sleep on the comfortable sofas with cushions. Thanks to art painting, you can see the look of Simferopol several centuries ago, and in the arches are objects of the Crimean life. The design is complemented with bright mosaic handmade chandeliers.In the warmer months, a summer Playground.
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