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White Mosque
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Built in 1904 by the Tomsk project of architect A. P. Langeron the burnt wood, at the intersection of the Tatar street and Tatarsky lane. Named for the color of the walls, unlike the red mosque Tomsk. The mosque with elements of Moorish style. Its domed portion made in the form, typical of the architecture of the Central Asian mosques. In the lower tier of the mosque acted religious school. White mosque belonged Tatar Muslim community until the 30-ies, and then, after the violent dispersal of the community, was delivered to the Board of the cooperative Coldspot. In the same period were dismantled minaret and dome-Gumbaz. The last "owner" of the building from the 1960s was one of the shops Tomsk pencil factory. In 1990, the White building of the mosque was returned to the Muslim community of the city of Tomsk, and in 1999 it was restored in its original form.
Red Mosque
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Red mosque in the city of Tomsk is a historic Islamic complex, which includes a separate building 3 storey madrasah and the red mosque, made of red brick. Located in the old city area "Tatar settlement" on the street Tatar.Lessons are held until the shop is open on Fridays sell our merchandise. Products on the street are sold separately from the mosque
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