Moskee Al Hijra Leiden
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The Al Hijra Mosque is located at the Rembrandtstraat 10 in the Dutch city of Leiden since 1982. The current building no longer meets modern requirements and has become too small for the visitors of the mosque , especially in the month of Ramadan , the holidays and prayers on Friday. After a lengthy public debate , the City Council approved a new zoning Leiden Haagweg Pedigree Northwest and thus with new building on the corner of Ter Haar Quay with Haagweg. On January 26, 2012 The new mosque will be 2500 square meters, which, as usual with land sold for social purposes , 40% supporting retail is permitted by the municipality. Under the new development of Islamic center is a semi-underground parking garage realized with an overflow capacity of the square to the front. For the neighborhood thus will emerge. No additional parking pressure The municipality has in November 2013 begonen making preparing the site at Haagweg and Ter Haar Kade where a new mosque is coming.
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