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What does 'Halal' mean?
'Halal' is an Arabic word, and it translates into English as 'permissable', 'lawful' or 'allowed'. Muslims use the term halal to identify what is allowed. For example, halal food indicates that the food has been prepared in accordance to Islamic law: it does not contain alcohol or pork, and any meat has been slaughtered in the Islamic way; making it food that Muslims are allowed to consume. Another example is halal dress, which indicates clothes that are allowed to be worn, which would include: modest, all covered clothes, hijab (head scarf) or, simply clean clothes.
Increasingly, the term 'halal' to narrow the food, saying that it is permissible meat products do not contain alcohol or animal enzymes.
It's not just about food:
However, as mentioned, there are allowed and disallowed aspects in every single part of life, for example dressing, earning, public conduct and conversations.
business administration
public conduct
Basic Islamic Practise.
There are many verses explaining halal and haraam in the Qur'an and Hadith, including: 'Good things are made lawful for you.' Qur'an 5:4.
Today, the term 'halal' appears on labels in many consumers and retailers because by nature halal foods adhere to good quality and environmental standards. Therefore secular businesses do add this identification on their products.
Certification Authorities
Certification: In order to be a credible or authentic halal restaurant or butchers or product, there are certificate authorities around the world that aim to ensure that the product and service are halal. There are several different authorities that can do this in any one country and issue halal certificates.

The way this works is that the authority audits the establishment and investigates the islamic criteria of halal. Once these have been successfully passed, that organisation will recieve a certificate. An example of such an authority is the HMC - Halal Monitoring Comittee in the UK.
A few examples of Certification Authorities around the world include:
Центр сертификации EuroHalal
Мусульманский центр при соборной Парижской мечети
Международный центр при совете муфтиев России
Исламский культурный центр
Агентство по сертификации "халяль"
Certification Center M-haditec GmbH
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