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Какой баракат можно извлечь мусульманину из социальных сетей?
13 декабря 2017 г.

1. Strive for knowledge and use useful applications ⠀

One of the most important advantages of the Internet is access to knowledge. From the boundless knowledge, we are separated only one button Smartphone. In the same - its lack: no one can guarantee the reliability of this knowledge, especially in religious topics. That is why the main weapon of recruiting extremist groups is the Internet, in which anyone with impunity can give out any kind of information as true and impose it on other people. Check the information on the network, do not become puppets in people's games, whose goals are not good. Proven sources and sites are a great opportunity without money, without long training, attending courses, getting knowledge. In this respect, the Internet is an endless resource that has been lucky to have a modern Muslim. Use it for good purposes. Nowadays, there are also many useful applications for Muslims that will help you improve yourself. Even 10-15 minutes of reading a good article or lecturing will benefit you. Instead of listening to music, listen to the Quran.

2. Think about who, and what you watch in social networks, filter the negative impact.

What we read, see and hear, has a tremendous influence on us. Be especially careful in what people and groups you are subscribed to in social networks. Do you benefit from their posts? Do they affect you negatively? What is their message? Which pages do you visit most often? Will Allah be pleased with you for maintaining this message? Will not this content be bad for you? ⠀ Subscribe and watch what is really useful for you, whether it is in daily life or spiritual. Cleanse not only yourself but your social network from the unnecessary impact. Also, try to share useful knowledge of what the Sadaqa-Jarya is.

3. Turn off notifications so they do not distract you from real life. Constant notifications do not allow us to concentrate on our real life, we have to constantly be distracted. This affects the quality of our attention at work, at home, at meetings and worship. When we receive another notice about a new message, about an update, or that someone is on the air, even during prayer, reading the Koran, we can no longer fully engage in these matters, our brains are thinking about what is there for the message, you need to go and see. But only Allah Almighty deserves the greatest attention and full concentration from us. ⠀ Make sure before praying, while reading the Koran, with your family, put your phone on the "do not disturb" mode, and do the most important things, completely focusing on them. 15-20 minutes without the Internet will not do you harm, and this time can bring you benefits in the world of the future.

4. Control your time and do not allow time to control you. Allah the Almighty said:"I swear by the evening before (or time)! Verily, every man in loss, except those who believe, did righteous deeds, commanded the truth to each other and commanded patience each other! "(103: 1-3).

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