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Salam Ulaikom chikh HArat , Dear Chikh, I am writing for you after many researches for a noble objective which took for me both effort and time hoping that Allah will make thinks easier for me on your hunds. Actually, i am Moroccan man aged 29 years old ,grew up in morocco and lives and work in UAE, Alhamdulillah i am financialy stable. Dear chikh, I am looking for completion of my Relegion by getting married, but the problem is that I am looking for a certain caracteristics in my second part ,the very important one is beauty Relegion and morals .I know these conditions are in western Europ in muslim comunity. so please Chikh if you know a good girle from a good parents who has this caracteristics and who is committed into Islam relegion Ready to relocate in other country, please don t hesitat to tell me . here is my contacts gmail; tidaryassine@ gmail.com phone: +917552905298(you can call me or whatsup me ) Jazaka Allaho Khairan CHikh

Руфат Ахметжанов
8 ноября 2016 г. - 04:49

Wa aleikum assalam. We have an agency that may help you: http://ar.takbir.ru/

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