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I recently converted and am struggling with salah and the problem I'm having is I am not always able to face the kabba. I have physical limitations and also struggle with eating halal food. I don't have much money due to my "accident" 12years ago. do you have any suggestions? As-salaam alaikum. barakh Allah fik.

Руфат Ахметжанов
4 марта 2016 г. - 12:16

Assalam aleikum. I'd like to apologize 1st for so long answer. 1. You must make your best to face the Kaaba while praying. It must be in front at least, no worries if you turn off for some degrees to the left or to the right. 2. I can' t imagine that its a big problem in the place you're living in. If there are not any stores or markets where you can buy cheap halal meat, you must simply buy its substitute from soybean or fish, for example. Of course, without any alcohol and other haram additions.

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