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Castlefield Mosque

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О заведении

Wycombe Islamic Mission and Mosque Trust has as its main object the promotion of the religion of Islam in High Wycombe through peaceful and appropriate means which it has done so successfully since its inception a few decades earlier. Its purposes are to provide a place of worship for Muslims in High Wycome by providing suitable facilities; the advancement of education connected to Islam and teaching of the Holy Qur?an, Islamic studies and various languages to children, women and local Muslim community. Further to provide a place for religious festivals, weddings, funerals and the performance of all other Islamic rituals. Moreover, the promotion of brotherhood within the Muslim community as well as to promote interaction and friendly relations with members of others faiths and all residents of High Wycombe is an underlying purpose. Imam Hafiz Hameed-ud-din has been an Imam at the mosque since the year 2000. Educated in Pakistan and a hafiz of the Holy Qur?an, he is fluent in Urdu and Arabic and leads the prayers in Ramadan.

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