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Wimbledon Mosque

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2016 Янв 06 19:06
Dr. Mohamed Egypt
Hi, we need the contact details of mosques in the different countries, Why Here in Egypt many good muslim men are searching for brides to marry , they are financially stable, but because the internet become very dangerous full of fraud and scammers, we need to deal with a mosque that have connections with the girls who like to marry and live abroad, and these men can come to the country to meet these brides under the supervision of the mosque administration, But they does not know the way and we need someone to organize with, cause travelling from Egypt to your country is a long way, For my self i am married and not searching , but this is a service for my friends , relatives and collegues. please if you can help, contact me on hipower.eg@gmail.com or kamaly@highpower.com.eg I speak english and arabic, only
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Darul Amaan Islamic Centre Мечеть
О заведении

The Wimbledon Mosque provides five daily prayers in congregation led by an Imam. Muslims recognise the rewards that are bestowed upon those who pray in the mosque in congregation. The Mosque offers a number of classes on Islam covering a diverse range of topics ranging from lessons on key fundamentals of Islam for children to reading the Quran. In addition, there are regular events and circles covering important topics facing Muslims today. From time to time, guest speakers from around the world are invited to deliver seminars and give inspirational talks. All are welcome to these events as they are open access. Details of these events are announced and placed on the notice board. Madrassa Classes take place on Mondays to Fridays weekday evenings. All are welcome to join in and learn about Islam particularly correct recitation of the Quran and the five pillars of Islam. The Mosque runs a pick and drop service for children using its own dedicated van. A number of regular study circles are held in the Mosque on a weekly basis. These appeal to all audiences for example, youth, women and elders. The topics vary from the basic teachings of Islam, the classical works, Islamic history, Arabic and Islamic sciences. The Imams are always open to suggestions and can tailor the circles to cover a specific topic. Tajweed, the preserved science of pronunciation of recitation of the Quran, is taught on a regular basis at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The Imams are available for telephone or personal consultations on a daily basis between the Asr and Maghrib Prayers. To allow for discretion and privacy, Women can phone (or email) the Imam and ask questions in the strictest of confidence. The Mosque will deal with all questions sensitively and in the strictest of confidence. Friday prayers (Jummah) is an obligation upon Muslim men. A sermon is delivered in English every Friday by the Imam. This is followed by the prayers. Facilities are also available for sisters.

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