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Рейсы поймать, а не чувствами: 10 ключевых советов для сокращения цены отдых бронирование
13 августа 2018 г.

Yes, travelling can be expensive. But, there are ways to stick to your budget and satisfy your wanderlust, rethink and re-plan your travel style after reading these tips.

Remember, the ‘perfect trip’ isn’t measured by how much money you spend. It’s all about the memories you create, magical enough to live in your mind and excite you every time you think about it.

1. Be Flexible!

Flexible with your time, with your taste and place. The more flexibility, the easier it is to find cheap airline tickets.  As long as you’re out of your busy country, that’s all that matters right?

Don’t be tied to one destination and plan, be open to all possibilities, broaden your taste and experiences and be spontaneous! It will help you take advantage of deals and opportunities that arise on your travels. Get out of your comfort zone and visit countries you have never heard of.


No second thoughts, you should, should, should definitely look into using Skyscanner. The popular travel fare aggregator website is easy to use and will help you score cheap flight tickets.

It’s a LIFESAVER. And here’s a quick explanation on how to use it:

Step 1. Hop on the Skyscanner website or download the app

Step 2. Enter your departure & arrival cities

Step 3. Select “one-way” (even if flying round trip – you're just determining the cheapest days to fly out first)

Step 4. On a computer: click “Depart” but instead of entering a date, select “Whole Month”, and then “Cheapest Month” so you can browse all dates to see which is cheapest. Hit “Search flights” to easily see which date is cheapest.


Flight prices vary significantly depending on month, day and time. Simple things like opting to fly midweek, (i.e. from Tuesday to Tuesday) can work out considerably cheaper than weekend travel.Did you know Monday is the cheapest day to book a flight majority of the times? Most people book during weekends and therefore, ticket prices increase too!

4. Already know what, when & where? Don't delay.

Rarely ever do airline tickets get cheaper as your departure date approaches, especially if you need to fly on a certain date. Budget airlines typically offer low rates as at first, however, as these tickets sell, the remaining ones increase in cost. This is very typical in Europe. If you know when and where you're going, don't delay it! More often than not, your biggest savings come from booking far ahead when you can. Know where you want to stay and have a rough plan of what you want to see as most places are cheaper if you book in advance – and some key attractions can book out months in advance too.

5.  Stay lowkey -  Go incognito!

Always make sure you clear your browser cookies and use a private/incognito window while searching for flights.Websites and companies are clever so block trackers by covering your IP address. This is because airlines can tell from your browser history when you’re particularly interested in a flight.Once they discover what you're looking for, they'll often raise prices accordingly. Crafty. 

 Cover yourself from trackers and you will appear as a first-time visitor. So, in order to make things competitive and cheap, make sure you’re browsing on the hush!

6. Consider a stopover.

 If you’re struggling to find an affordable direct flight at the last-minute, consider a stopover. When saving money is a priority and time isn’t an issue, why not consider an indirect travel route? Flight stop – overs Not only does this give more routes and airlines to choose from, it’ll save you some cash too.

7. Cheapest time of year to fly:

Common sense really, but still rarely followed - travel off-season and you’re sure to find better bargains. Plan your travel so that you are always visiting during the low season. This way there are no crowds and the accommodation have greater availability. Everything should be a little bit cheaper and much more relaxing than during the peak season. Here's a breakdown to help:

Cheapest time to fly:

  • January through mid-May
  • September through early December

Most expensive time to fly:

  • Peak summer (mid-June through mid-August)
  • Christmas/New Year’s

It will also vary a bit by the specific destination, especially around popular festivals. Fares to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day or to China for Chinese New Year isn’t cheap. Remember, timing is key!

8. Travel light:

Limit your packing. Be smart about what you need to take and what’s necessary to carry. 

Focus on creating memories and experiences instead of stressing about collecting souvenirs and luggage space for unnecessary extra clothes. It makes your travel so much happier, your bags so much lighter, and your wallet so much fatter.

9. STUDENTS: Register for an ISIC card:

If you’re a student, make the most of it! Student discounts are also valid abroad! So if you have a student card … do not forget it!  To avoid problems, it is best to get an ISIC card (International Student Identity Card) that is internationally recognised, as your school might not be recognise in the country you are in. An ISIC card can be requested by any student without limit or age restriction. It is valid in 133 countries and with it you can get more than 150,000 discounts.

10. Take your own snacks and food:

A habit many have is getting to the airports and planes and spending ridiculous amounts of money on snacks and meals. Make your own and take your own. It’s not hard people! Instead of spending £5.00 on coffee, make it for a pound at home and bring it in a thermos mug.


Bottom Line: With a little advance planning, some flexibility, and the right attitude, there’s nothing standing between you and your dreams of exploration.

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